Introducing a one-of-a-kind Custom Made Guitar, meticulously crafted with an intricate design that embodies the spirit of resilience and hope - (Image not yet released). This unique instrument is more than just a musical masterpiece—it's a beacon of solidarity for a cause close to our hearts. We're proud to announce that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this exceptional guitar will benefit the Road to Maui Fund, a charity devoted to supporting the victims of the Maui fires. These funds will aid in providing immediate relief and long-term recovery solutions for those impacted by this devastating event. By participating in our raffle to win this special guitar, you're not just owning a piece of art; you're contributing to a movement that uplifts and rebuilds a community when they need it most.

Lunalilo Home, Elderly Care

BenefiTting the Road to maui fund

Win A Custom Made, Koa Taylor Guitar by Hamiora!

Deeply rooted in ancient patterns inspired by nature. Hamiora Guitars are a modern geometric twist on organic shapes, a legacy passed down from the artist's ancestors. The goal in creating these special pieces are twofold: to achieve a harmonious yet dynamic interplay of shape, color, and tone, and to visually narrate the rich stories and traditions of my people. This guitar is dedicated to the tragic Lahaina Fires.

Mauri Ora.


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Lunalilo Home, Elderly Care

Benefiting the Road to maui fund


Samuel Mangakahia, also known as Sam or by his Instagram handle, is an artist with roots in Queensland, Australia, and a heart set in Hawai'i. Raised in a creative family, he's lived in various places like New Zealand and Korea but found his home near the ocean in Hawaii. In 2016, Sam moved to Hawai'i to attend BYU-Hawaii on a work scholarship, studying graphic design, painting, and entrepreneurship. His transformative years included performing Kapa Haka at the Polynesian Cultural Center and an internship with renowned Māori artist Rangi Kipa, which helped him crystallize his identity and purpose as a Māori individual.

Sam has been tirelessly honing his craft and company, Hamiora, a brand that aims to connect people to culture through art and innovation. Specializing in Tā Moko (Māori tattoo) and indigenous design, what started as a hobby in Melbourne, Australia, has become a full-time endeavor. His art tells the unique stories of individuals and allows him to share his passion globally. Inspired daily by the world and people around him, Sam's "WHY" keeps him motivated to continually create, innovate, and connect. Feel free to reach out to him for more information or specific inquiries.

Hamiora Art Sample


Don't miss your chance to register for this one-of-a-kind guitar! Not only do you get the opportunity to win an exquisitely crafted Custom Made Guitar, but you'll also be making a meaningful impact by supporting the Road to Maui Fund. This charity is dedicated to providing crucial aid to the Maui fire victims, helping them rebuild their lives and communities. Your entry not only brings you closer to owning a musical masterpiece but also contributes to a cause that makes a real difference. Act now and be a part of this extraordinary movement!



If you are making a donation through a donor advisory fund, you will need to contact your board of directors and ask them to place Kīnā'ole Foundation on their list of approved nonprofits.

Usually the board will vet our foundation to ensure that our values align with theirs. Once Approved our foundation should be included in their list of approved nonprofits.

Can I specify a specific purpose for my dONAtion?

No. The Road To Maui Fund is a pooled fund that will be used for the evolving needs.  We cannot allocate resources based on specific requests.  

Is there a fee to contribute?

No, with a focus on getting resources out to the community in this critical time, there is no administrative fee for participating in the fund.  One hundred percent of donations will go to community groups, non-profits, and leaders on the ground to support evolving needs including food, supplies, shelter, financial assistance, fundraising efforts, and other services; except for a 3% fee for online donations charged by the credit card processor.

How can I become a match donor?

If you or your organization want to support the Road To Maui and help amplify community efforts by becoming a matching donor, please contact us at

Can donations be made via check?

Yes. Donations made via check can be made out to Road To Maui Fund or Kina’ole Foundation.  Please write the campaign name (Road To Maui) in the memo and mail it to:

Kina’ole Foundation

Harbor Court Office Tower

55 Merchant Street, Suite 1820

Honolulu, HI 96813


Yes, if you are a nonprofit organization or small business interested in resources from the Road To Maui Fund, please visit to learn about our existing grant proposal process.

What is the Road To Maui Campaign?

Road To Maui is a match campaign created by Native Hawaiians committed to heightening international support for the residents of Lahaina, Kihei, and Kula.

What is a match campaign?

A match campaign is a fundraising strategy where our donors pledge to match a certain amount of money that is raised by others. The goal is to encourage more people to donate by essentially doubling their contributions.

What is the ROAD TO MAUI Fund?

The Road to Maui Fund is the charitable arm of Kīnā'ole Foundation established to provide funding for the Road To Maui campaign to aid communities impacted by the wildfires

Where will my donations go?

Donations made to the Road To Maui Fund will be allocated to trusted community organizations, non-profits, reputable leaders, small businesses, individuals and ‘ohana for Maui-based recovery efforts.

How can I donate?

Monetary donations can be made at



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